Question: who am I?


Where does one begin in a proper introduction? I’ve never been terribly good with introductions, partly because I’ve never been good with people or socializing in the first place. People simply don’t make sense. I even find myself confused by my own actions sometimes. I’ve been told that such symptoms are related to a general problem of dissociation. So, without any real idea of how to go about this, I suppose blunt honesty is the best policy, with no major secrets.

My name is Marcus Grimm. Yes, this is my real, legally binding name, which I have never been allowed to live down all my days. I hail from the Finger Lakes region of the state of New York, a corner of the world whose lakes and wine serve as popular attractions for tourists. I have lived in this place my entire life, and fail at all attempts to imagine myself living anywhere else. I am Caucasian, male, and in my early 20’s.

Let’s get the nasty stuff out of the way that people will always have a strong opinion on. As far as my politics are concerned, I am very much liberal, although I do not strictly consider myself a member of the Democratic party or any other political party present in the United States. As far as my religious beliefs are concerned, I will simply state that I am a Pagan. I am also bisexual.

None of that, as far as I am concerned, means a single damned thing when it comes to my single greatest passion: writing.

I am an amateur writer. I use the word “writer” at this point in time to signify that I am unpublished, although I will be published within the next month or so. By the time you read this, that may have already come to pass, in which case I am an amateur author.

I mostly write weird fiction and science fiction, although I have branched out and written pieces in other tones, dealing with other themes. I have written poetry, although I don’t consider myself a poet by any means.

I occasionally dabble in paintings, illustration, and photography, though these are only the occasional dabbling as opposed to the craft that I consider my writing to be.

This website serves two purposes. First and foremost, it will act as an archive for my pieces of fiction and poetry that I have no desire to try and publish professionally. Second, it will act as a platform for me to publish a series of essays.

At the time of my writing this post, there is the smallest sliver of a silver crescent in the night sky. In certain Pagan beliefs, the waxing moon, especially in its earliest stages, represents new beginnings. So here is to new beginnings.


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